Prenatal Pelvic Floor, Core and Birth Preparation Education and Movement Physiotherapy Classes -Virtual

pregnant woman doing yoga

Small group pelvic health physiotherapy exercise sessions to help you throughout your pregnancy and prepare you for birth and recovery. Learn to connect to your pelvic floor, posture, breath. Pelvic floor & core strengthening exercises. Learn strategies to prepare for labour, optimal labour/birth positions, and early postpartum care, in order to optimize your recovery from a vaginal or c-section birth.

Fall series – TBA 

Registration: To register please contact Monate at or 613-291-2956, or fill in this form.


Prenatal Physiotherapy Assessment

A prenatal physiotherapy assessment (virtual or in-clinic) is required prior to starting the classes.

The Prenatal Physiotherapy Assessment includes screening for:

  • low back, thoracic or pelvic pain or pubic symphysis pain
  • abdominal and core weakness
  • Diastasis
  • prolapse
  • urinary incontinence
  • pelvic floor muscle hypertonicity and/or weakness
  • breathing assessment
  • cuing for optimal core muscle recruitment
  • posture and body mechanics
  • pre-existing scars (perineal, c-section)
  • also includes aninternal pelvic floor examination

To schedule your prenatal physiotherapy assessment please call 613-291-2956 or book a pelvic health assessment online. Ideally this is booked with Monate but can be done with another therapist at our clinic or another pelvic health physiotherapist and your information can be passed along to integrate the care for maximum benefits of the class.