We are pleased to offer our physiotherapy services to help you feel better, move better and to help you to continue to do the things you love!

Orthopedic manual therapy

Our orthopedic manual therapy services are offered by two manual therapists that have completed the highest level of orthopedic manual therapy training and certification as Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Manual Therapy, each with over 20 years of clinical experience in orthopedics.

Pelvic health physiotherapy

For each of our pelvic health physiotherapy clients, we assess for orthopedic manual therapy and visceral structures that may be contibuting to our clients’ pelvic health symptoms and in some cases we integrate the  Integrated Systems Model approach.  We move beyond the pelvic floor to try to better understand how pressures are regulated within the abdominal canister, how low back or pelvic pain or muscle imbalances in the hips can affect pelvic floor muscle function, how non-optimal posture and breathing patterns influence pelvic floor mechanics and how abdominal scars and visceral restrictions can adversely affect the pelvic floor muscles.

Pessary fitting

We are delighted to be able to pessary fitting services for our clients with prolapse. We recognize that there can be very long wait times for pessary fittings in Ottawa and we are happy to be able to offer this as part of our pelvic health physiotherapy services.

Balloon techniques

We have advanced training in anorectal balloon techniques for conditions including constipation and straining and dyssynergic defecation. We use our in-clinic and home biofeedback units for pelvic floor muscles that are tense and have difficulty relaxing.

Visceral mobilization

Many of our therapists are in the process of pursuing advanced training in visceral mobilization techniques.