Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Core Connections Physiotherapy Clinic is to help you feel better, move better and get back to doing what is important to you.

Our team is working closely together, often consulting with each other, to be able to offer the highest quality care.

Our focus is to understand the root cause of your symptoms, and the key drivers and contributing factors, so that we can treat the source of the problem rather than the symptoms and prevent reoccurrence.

Our goal is to facilitate your body’s natural healing ability and to give you the tools you need, through exercise, education and resources, to understand your symptoms and feel empowered to take an active part in your recovery.

We use an integrated, whole person systems approach to assess and treat, and to understand the relationships between the articular, myofascial, neurological, visceral, and pelvic floor systems. We understand that each of our clients have different pain physiology, emotional and coping strategies and we tailor our treatment to meet their individual needs.

We are a hands-on clinic. The entire duration of your appointment is with your physiotherapist. We do not work with machines or physiotherapy assistants.

Our clients’ comfort and privacy are very important to us. Our clinic space is calm and beautiful and the treatment rooms are private.