Workplace Respect and Civility Policy

We strongly value the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Core Connections Physiotherapy is committed to creating an atmosphere of respect, collaboration, openness, safety and equality for each of our clients.

We value that everyone has the right to work in a respectful environment which is free from negative, disrespectful and aggressive language and behaviour. Our Workplace Respect and Civility Policy is in place to promote respectful and dignified conduct for all individuals who work and/or receive services within our clinic.

Any person’s inappropriate behavior or aggressive language toward our physiotherapists, our reception and administrative support colleagues, and/or our clients will not be tolerated. We will address all reported incidents and these actions may result in refusal of care.

Our approach to managing incivility toward clients is part of our process for client feedback. To report an incident, please complete our feedback form:

We appreciate your kindness and willingness to work with us to promote and maintain a professional and respectful environment for everyone.


The Core Connections Physiotherapy Team