Please let us know before your appointment if you need assistance of any kind so that we can meet you at the entrance when you arrive.


Our clinic is located on the second floor.

We have three steps at the street level with a handrail on both sides into the entrance.

outside stairs

There is a flight of stairs with a railing on the left-hand side to get up to the second floor, with an additional 4 steps not shown in the picture.

If you are not able to climb stairs, please make us aware so that we can discuss the option of providing services in your home.

inside stairs


In the case where you are not able to find a parking spot in the 90-minute free parking in front of the clinic on Richmond Rd and you are concerned about having to walk too far, please park in the parking behind the building, in one of the designated Core Connections parking spots or anywhere in the lot if those two places are already occupied. The access to the parking lot is off of Madison Avenue, one street north on Churchill Ave. The parking lot has a Front Line Credit Union sign and is just past the church parking lot. If you need to park in the lot, please  call 613-291-2956 to let us know or you can let us know on your arrival so that we can let our landlord know or place a parking pass in your dashboard.

Zero Tolerance for Aggressive Behaviour Policy

Everyone has the right to work in a dignified and respectful environment which is free from disrespectful or aggressive language and behaviour. We are committed to fostering an environement where each of our clients and physiotherapists and admin support staff are treated with respect and dignity. We do not tolerate any person’s inappropriate behavior toward another or aggressive language and behaviour.  These actions may result in refusal of care.

Scent-free policy

Our clinic is scent-free. Please refrain from using any perfumes, colognes, scented laundry detergent, hairspray, etc to help keep the clinic safe for everyone.