Infection Control Policy

The infection control procedures that we have implemented at the clinic are based on the recommendations from the Ministry of Health of Ontario, Ottawa Public Health and the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.


  • A Covid screening questionnaire will be emailed to each client several hours before their appointment.
  • Each client will be asked the Covid screening questions when they arrive to the clinic.
  • Our therapists will reach out in advance to any clients that are considered higher-risk to discuss the benefits and risks of an in-clinic appointment vs telehealth appointment.
  • Our therapists complete a Covid self-screen test each day.

Entering the clinic

Our clients and therapists are required to wear a mask in the clinic and we request that you sanitize your hands when you arrive.

Social distancing

Our waiting room has been modified to allow for social distancing. Please respect the guidelines to maintain a minimum of 2 meters from any other client or therapist that is not treating you. We have allowed for time between appointments to complete the disinfection procedures. We request that clients come to their appointments alone to limit the number of visitors and to allow for social distancing within the clinic.

Physical protection equipment

Our therapists will be wearing  a mask and in some cases, eye protection such as eye glasses or a face shield.


We are cleaning each touchable surface between clients with a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning product that is recommended by Health Canada. We have rigorous protocols in place for cleaning between clients, cleaning at the end of the day, and cleaning of the bathroom after each client use.

Hand hygiene

Our therapists are following best practice standards for hand washing between clients and sanitizing their hands before and after putting on gloves and before and after touching a client’s skin or clothing.


We have policies in place to disinfect exercise equipment and our ultrasound and biofeedback units after each client use.


Each piece of linen that is used is washed in a hot wash and hot dry cycle so that you will never be exposed to linens that have been touched by another client.

Please feel welcome to send us any questions or to arrange a time to talk to your therapist about any concerns.

We look forward to seeing you!