Core Connections Physiotherapy aims to provide treatment that is:

  • evidence-based- the integration of clinical reasoning and experience with the best available evidence from the literature
  • individualized- no two people are the same
  • one-on-one- there is no double booking
  • outcome-based – validated questionnaires are used to track your progress

Education about your condition will include information about:

  • anatomy and function related to your condition
  • relevant evidence in the literature
  • healthy bowel and bladder habits
  • safe and effective exercises for your condition
  • ergonomics and body mechanics

The treatment may integrate any of the following:

  • pelvic floor physiotherapy: pelvic floor muscle exercises and manual techniques, and vaginal inserts, biofeedback and electrical muscle stimulation
  • orthopedic manual therapy: “hands-on” treatment for musculoskeletal dysfunction in the low back, pelvis, hips and thoracic spine
  • motor control training- awakening “the brain-muscle connection” through awareness and practice
  • core muscle exercises: re-educating, strengthening and coordinating the muscles of the abdominal core
  • breathing retraining: retraining a diaphragmatic breathing pattern
  • posture re-education: identifying your poor postural habits and becoming aware of key checkpoints for correction
  • home exercise instruction: an individualized, comprehensive and progressive exercise program
  • bladder training: identifying your habitual fluid intake and voiding patterns and retraining the functional storage capacity of the bladder