Prenatal Labor & Birthing Support for Couples

Private Prenatal Labor & Birthing Support Sessions for Couples
Facilitated by Eileen Scully

90 minutes

In these sessions, you’ll: 

  • be inspired and empowered to give birth as naturally as possible
  • understand the stages of labor & birthing and how to use gentle postures, breathing, vocal toning and meditation to keep you calm and connected to your body and your baby
  • learn how your partner can support you with confidence and sensitivity using techniques to alleviate pressure in your pelvis and gentle massage/acupressure techniques
  • cultivate deeper focus, comfort, understanding and enjoyment for childbirth
  • deepen your connection together as a couple and with your baby

Beneficial at any time during pregnancy.
No previous yoga experience is necessary.
Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the couple.

For enquiries or to schedule a session, please contact Eileen at or 613-858-8177.

About Eileen:

Eileen has been living and practising yoga as a path of healing and transformation for over 32 years. She has taught at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Massachusetts and was the core faculty yoga teacher at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies for 3 years. She brings a 19-year diversified background in nursing, including working in the complementary medicine world, 10 years in a birthing center, and 8 years as a hospice nurse, into her experience. Eileen’s heart-centered teaching style creates a flowing experience of conscious movement, breath & mindful awareness. Through this practice, she encourages her students to cultivate loving-kindness towards themselves.

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