Mindfulness in the Village- Mindfulness Meditation Practice Group

Mindfulness in the Village  

“Mindfulness is creating an intention to well-being,
paying attention to what is in this moment,

and approaching ‘what is’ with an attitude of curiosity and openness.” 

Mindfulness Meditation Practice Group

Each moment is a moment to begin again! Mark your calendars!

You are invited to nourish your practice,

Breath by breath….

Classes to resume in the Fall/Winter 2019.

2 Guided mindfulness meditations with some discussion in between. 

 Welcome to Alumni from all Mindfulness-based programs and other interested persons.

Core Connections Physiotherapy Clinic

Parking behind CC off Madison, Street parking or #11 bus

Drop in donation towards room rental – $5.00

Susan Kehoe, Certified Teacher at the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic

Contact Susan at smkehoe@rogers.com for more information or to be placed on the mailing list.